Grading and Testing

It is important that you read and understand our grading and testing information fully so that you understand exactly what you’re buying.

Physical Grades

Every device receives a physical grade, regardless of what fault it has, this is a purely aesthetic rating and only includes the digitizer if it is not smashed or cracked.

Grade A: Excellent condition, very small/no signs of use.
Grade A-: Very good condition, a few very small marks
Grade B: Good condition, light signs of use.
Grade C: Well used condition, moderate signs of use throughout.
Grade D: Poor condition, may have physical damage or heavy signs of use.

Fault Grades

Each device is rated by the type of fault or level of testing it has undergone.
We have not made any repair attempt on the devices, they may have had unknown components removed.

Minor:  Item has been tested with one or more minor faults found and listed, no major faults, no iCloud. Everything confirmed working is listed.
Major: Item has been tested with one or more faults have been found including a major fault, no iCloud. Everything confirmed working is listed, along with details of any known faults.
Power Tested: Item has been powered up from a power source only, any faults that are immediately visible have been noted, there has been no further testing and is no warranty except for powering on.
Untested: Item has undergone no testing, it has not been power tested, there is no warranty.
iCloud: Item has been powered on to iCloud lock, no further testing or warranty.
NSL: Item has no signs of life when connected to power, no warranty.

What’s a minor/major fault?

The following faults are classed as minor, any fault relating to something not listed below is classed as a major fault.

Batteries are tested to see if they hold a charge only. Battery condition and lifespan are not classed as a fault.

LCD faults include white dots, Pink hue, cracks, lines, other faults and damage. If the only LCD issue is dead pixels there must be more than 5.

Minor faults: Digitizer, LCD, Buttons, Cameras, Flash, Microphone, Earpiece, Loudspeaker, Jack, Dock, Battery, Vibrate.

Minor faults: Touch, LCD, Buttons, Cameras, Flash, Microphone, Earpiece, Loudspeaker, Jack, Dock, Battery, Vibrate.

Minor faults: Keyboard, Touchpad, Mouse buttons, Speakers, Jack, USB (affecting 2 or less), WiFi, Disc drive, Battery.

Minor faults: Touch, LCD, Buttons/wheel, Cameras, Flash, Microphone, Loudspeaker, Jack, Dock, Battery.

Minor faults: Touch, LCD,  Buttons, Cameras, Speaker, Jack, WiFi, Battery.